Retailing & Point-Of-Sale


Systek provides a complete Retail Store Management Software that offers small and mid-market retailers a complete Point-Of-Sale Solution that can be adapted to meet unique requirements. It is Simple & Easy to use that even a layman can work on it.

This software has POS Module for Retail Store, Central Store Module for Distribution and Web Based MIS Reports Module for Management of Chain Stores Operations. It empowers you to access your business from anywhere. This can be used in online or offline mode at Stores. Installation of this software takes no time. Implementing this software needs strong drive from Top Management to Manage Stores Operations efficiently and accurately. Its simplified User Interface, Menu Driven Structure and Drill Down Reports make it possible for everybody in your store use it conveniently. Sales and Counter Persons from your Stores can start using this software immediately after installation.


Systek’s Retail Management and Point-Of-Sale software brings total automation to the Retail Sales Process. Point of Sale Software interacts with the Inventory Control and Customer Information Modules to give you information which helps to operate your small business more efficiently and accurately. It acts as a Counter Sales System and is dependent of the Receivables Module to function and also simultaneously interacts with Inventory and Customer Relationship Management Module to give business insight, efficiency and power to operate more efficiently.

This prepares both Taxable and Non-Taxable Invoices for both Cash and AR Customers. Cash Customers information can be transferred to the Customer Information Module to allow you to gather the data for future marketing campaigns. The system automatically calculates the Taxes and Discounts.

This software has ability to generate estimates and putting invoices on hold to be generated in future or retrieved later for final processing. Print Pick Slips and Receipts can be printed. This software has options to view Item Details, Discounts, References, Inventory Status of an or all Items and Serial Data. Alternate Items set up can be done for Items that go out of Stock. Kit Items can be built for items that are priced as a package and it is easy to control what details of the Header Items in relation to the Details Items of a Kit Item. Inventory is maintained at both levels if required at Kit and at an Individual Item Levels.

Crucial Features of this Software

  • Serial No. Invoicing
  • Separate Full & Quick Invoicing
  • Real-time Updates of Accounting and Inventory
  • Real-time Credit Cards and Check Guarantee Processing
  • Multi-Warehouse Functionality Available
  • Split Payment Handling
  • Cashier Drawer Reconciliation
  • Bar Code Scanners, Electronic Cash Drawers and Display Bars Support
  • Printer Routing
  • Detailed Audit for Security
  • Many more User Friendly and Management Control Features


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"I am very pleased with your Project Management capability. Your team has excellent communication skills and a fast response and turnaround time. Highest work quality. I can say that SYSTEK and the team at Smart Software Solutions is an honest"

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